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Stuffy Nose During Pregnancy

By Sabina Rose
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A stuffy nose during pregnancy is just one of many changes or differences a woman can add to the list of pregnancy symptoms. Women tend to notice they are more congested than normal once they become pregnant. If there are no other pregnancy symptoms that accompany the stuffiness, then more than likely you are battling a case of pregnancy rhinitis, which usually shows up around the second month of pregnancy. Not to worry though, mom’s to be should notice some relief right after delivery and the stuffiness will usually be completely cleared up after about two weeks post-delivery.

Some obstetricians will treat runny nose symptoms with antibiotics, causing the symptoms to subside after just a few days. During pregnancy, women are a lot more prone to lung and throat infections as a result of a runny nose. This constant stuffy nose during pregnancy is not just bothersome; in a lot of cases it can be the cause of serious sinus infections.

Another reason for the stuffy nose during pregnancy could be the increase of estrogen that pregnant women have, as it also causes swelling in the mucous membranes that line the nose. In some cases this increased estrogen level can cause the mom to be to produce excessive amounts of mucous. It is a good idea to visit your doctor so that you are given an accurate diagnosis so you know if you need to be treated for a sinus infection or if you are simply dealing with pregnancy symptoms, which in this case is swelling in the respiratory region.

Oh the joys of pregnancy!

  • Drinking plenty of fluids and sleeping with your head elevated will help to alleviate some of the stuffiness. Here are a few more ideas to help keep you comfortable until the symptom of stuffy nose during pregnancy is gone.
  • Rinse a washcloth in hot water and after you ring out the excess, hold it close to your nose and breathe. The steam will help to loosen the mucous and make it easier to blow helping reduce drainage into the throat.
  • Sleep next to a humidifier or vaporizer at night.
  • Try saline nose drops several times a day as needed.
  • Benadryl will usually help with the congestion and is safe during pregnancy. Be sure, however, to check with your physician before taking any kind of medication.
  • Add sea salt to a pot of boiling water and let it simmer so that it circulates throughout the house.

Although stuffy nose during pregnancy pointing towards pregnancy rhinitis is uncomfortable, it is not long term and will not hurt mom or baby. Taking advantage of some of the suggestions listed above may also prove helpful. Just remember, your bundle of joy will take the place of all the congestion and other pregnancy symptoms before you know it. The inflammation in the nasal passages will go away soon after delivery allowing you to breathe easy. You can start enjoying your new addition without the aggravation of a stuffy nose. If such pregnancy symptoms persist, remember to discuss it with your obstetrician.

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