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Self Esteem Activities for Kids

By Senior Editor
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Knowing and understanding the importance of self confidence in children is undoubtedly one of the most important things that we as parents will have to teach our children. We assume that helping them with their first steps, teaching them to use the potty and to feed themselves, or helping them learn the alphabet are just things that we normally teach our kids. Although they may seem like just “things we do”, they are actually very important influences in helping our children to establish healthy self-esteem. Every time a child accomplishes something new, no matter how big or small, helps to build their confidence more and more. So from birth, we must remember to do any and everything we can to prevent our children from having to deal with low or no self-esteem.

There are a number of self esteem activities for kids available to help build self confidence in children. As with anything else in life, practice makes perfect so by working a few activities into your weekly calendar, you should start to notice either continued build up or an improvement in your child’s self-esteem in no time at all.

Here are some self esteem activities for kids:

Set Goals

Help your child establish realistic goals. Have them devise a plan and list the steps they will take in order to achieve the goals they have set. Encourage your child to take action by following through with their plan. As they progress toward completion of their set goals, self confidence in children will start to follow. Make sure that one of the goals they have chosen is not so easy to achieve so they are pushed to challenge themselves. Remind them that challenge will lead to achievement and perseverance is the key.

Start a “Positive Me” list

An important of self esteem activities for kids and adults alike is to know their own strengths. Have your child sit down with paper and pen in hand. Ask them to think of all the great things they have done. No matter how big or small, tell them to list anything they’ve done that they felt good about – any accomplishment they’ve made. Make sure they are numbering their achievements as they go. Watching the long the list grows helps in boosting self confidence in children. Now you can praise them for all of their great achievements, and let them know they should check out their list whenever they are feeling “down” on themselves. New achievements should be added to the list as they come along.

Help Others!

Helping out when and where needed is a great way to feel good about you, young or old. Help your child find out where he or she can volunteer, or let him/her help the neighbor take groceries in the house. Anything your child can do to assist another person will surely make them feel good. Also self esteem activities for kids when done in group increases camaraderie and helps everyone. Positive peers help building positive self confidence in children of the group.

Great Things List

Have your child make a list of 10 family members or friends that they look up to or enjoy being around. Now have them list three things they like about each person. Have them add to the list, the things they like about themselves. This will influence positive thinking, which will encourage your child to do positive things. This is also one of the most popular self esteem activities for kids.

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