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Homemade Baby Food Tips

By Sabina Rose
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It’s not uncommon for parents to feel a great deal of pressure when it comes to providing delicious and nutritious meals for their children. Unfortunately, parents who place unrealistic expectations on themselves may never have the opportunity to enjoy the creative freedom that comes along with making your own baby food at home. Moms and Dads who are afraid their culinary creations are going to result in sub-par digestive delicacies are setting themselves up for failure. Making your own homemade baby food doesn’t have to be difficult. When parents let go and have fun with baby food options, homemade creations can become unique, nutritious and smart alternatives to store-bought infant meals. Here are some homemade baby food tips that will have you creating in the kitchen in no time.

Stick with the basics

Too often, parents approach homemade baby food under the belief that the final product needs to live up to gourmet standards. While we might like to imagine our babies have sophisticated palettes, it’s far better to stick with the basics when in doubt. If you can achieve a combination of taste and nutrition, you’ve done your job and served your child well.

Homemade baby food staples to have on-hand for guaranteed satisfaction include sweet potatoes, avocados, mango and bananas. Not only do these foods contain essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients infants need for healthy growth, but they can provide enough baby food to last several months if packaged and frozen correctly.

Buy a blender

It may seem like a minor purchase, but when it comes to homemade baby food, a quality blender can be a major saver. Instead of hand mashing all of your baby food creations, being able to simply throw food into the blender will save you time and insure a smooth and tasty mixture for baby.

Baby Bullet

If time is of the essence and a blender is out of the question, investing in the Baby Bullet may be the way to go when it comes to homemade baby food options. The Baby Bullet is an affordable and efficient blending tool for creating standard or steamed baby food at home. This product also comes with a variety of storage containers for easy freezing of extra food.

Freezer facts

One of the great advantages to making your own homemade baby food is the money you save by being able to store excess product. If you aren’t looking to invest in storage containers, ice cube trays are a great way to freeze baby food in meal-sized cubes. Once the food has frozen, pop the cubes into plastic bags and keep them in the freezer for future use. Fruit-based homemade baby food can also be frozen into mesh-covered Popsicle sacks. These can be found in your local store baby product aisle for under $5.00. Fill the bag with banana, mango or strawberry. Once the fruit has been frozen, children can enjoy a cool, nutritious and cost efficient freezer treat.

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