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The Differences Between Inspiration and Motivation

By Senior Editor
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Inspiration and motivation are two words that are commonly used by people talking about self help topics, and many people actually use these two terms interchangeably. But, inspiration and motivation actually have two distinct meanings, and they are most effective when used in conjunction with each other.

The Meaning of Inspiration

When a person is inspired, they are stimulated to do something. Many times a person will talk about receiving inspiration that helps them to start a project or create a work of art. This inspiration is infused with creativity, energy and excitement, and it often is the start of something incredible.

Receiving inspiration is often a feeling that comes from within, and it is difficult to put into words exactly what brought the feeling. Sometimes people will refer to it as a “gut feeling,” because they just knew that the idea was the correct pathway for them to take. Inspiration and motivation together often sets a person up for success.

The Meaning of Motivation

On the other hand, motivation is when a person had a reason to behave in a certain way. Motivation is usually the force or drive that dictates a specific behavior, and motivation can be a strong factor in whether or not someone will be successful in the projects or endeavors that they are working on.

Working Together: Inspiration and Motivation

When inspiration and motivation are combined, it creates a powerful force. The inspiration begins by helping the person recognize the creativity and energy that lies within, and it gets them started down a pathway that could potentially be incredible. When this energy is combined with motivation, the person has a reason to follow the inspiration that they have received, and they will be able to pursue the idea until it is completed.

If a person doesn’t have both inspiration and motivation, they are less likely to succeed. For example, inspiration without motivation often results in a good start that lacks a follow through to complete the project. Motivation without inspiration can cause a lot of work being completed without a clear purpose or goal, resulting in a lack of success because of the haphazard approach.

When a person is working with both inspiration and motivation they are able to use the inspiration to see where the goal is, and the motivation will help them to get the necessary work done. Additionally, continued inspiration can keep the project on track and help the person to make adjustments as needed in order to have the highest level of success possible.

The principle of inspiration and motivation can be applied to almost any aspect in life. Take a moment to consider your life goals and strive to apply both inspiration and motivation to create the best outcome possible.

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