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Are You Aware of Your Own Self Talk?

By Senior Editor
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Communication is an integral part of the reality that we create in our lives, but many people don’t realize the impact that negative self talk has on their self esteem and personality. Self talk can build a person up or break them down, and it is absolutely essential that a person is aware of the communication that is going on in their head if they want to define the type of person that they would like to become.

Common Self Talk Patterns

Take a moment to consider the way that you interact with other people. Most of the time, you are respectful and avoid saying anything that would be mean or hurtful. We want to make other people feel good, and we don’t want to tear them down with negative comments.

Now, take another moment to consider the self talk that goes on within your head. Many people find that they are in the habit of constantly criticizing themselves throughout the day, and a simple awareness of this language helps them see how harsh they are on themselves. It has been said that we are our own biggest critic, and this is especially true with self talk.

In fact, thousands of thoughts occur in our head each hour, and many times those thoughts are produced on a subconscious level. This means that we don’t even actively realize that these thoughts are occurring, and it is easy for those thoughts to fall into a negative pattern. The subconscious thought patterns typically reflect our conscious thoughts, and if we are constantly criticizing ourselves for something then it is likely that those subconscious thoughts are also very critical.

Improving Self Talk Patterns

When you become aware of the self talk patterns that you are experiencing, it is possible to begin to change those patterns so that we have positive thoughts running through our head. Changing negative thought patterns to positive thought patterns can literally change your life.

Make it a point to be aware of the thoughts and ideas that are running through your head. If you notice negative thoughts popping up, make a conscious effort to dismiss those thoughts and replace them with a positive thought. Have a list of positive ideas on hand at all times so that you can easily refocus to focus on the things that are important to you.

It is important to realize that whatever you focus on will expand in your life, so releasing the negative thoughts and replacing them with positive self talk will result in creating more positive experiences in your life. You will literally be able to transform the way that you view the world, which in turn will result in a more positive experience.

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