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Michelle Obama - How to fight Obesity
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Michelle Obama – How to fight Obesity

By Senior Editor
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Michelle_Obama_and_her_daughters_in_the_snowTips from the First Lady Michelle Obama on how to make changes towards a new and healthier lifestyle.

Focus on Moving Your Body

Michelle Obama pointed out that not everyone is interested in sports, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t focus on fitness. Fitness can be as simple as to make sure that you move your body. Try and include movements throughout the day. Dance to music, play with your kids, clean the apartment, go for a walk, take the bike instead of the car, etc.

Turn off the TV

Monitor how much time that is spent in front of the TV and implement new habits. Go out for a walk after dinner. Make sure your child go out and play instead of sitting in front of the computer or TV during leisure time.

Eat Dinner with your Family

According to studies, structure in eating habits as well as sleeping habits decreases the likelihood to develop obesity. Michelle Obama spoke highly about eating prepared food during regular hours. This way you will increase your chances of healthy food choices and habits. Pick up an old tradition and have dinner with your family.

Portion Sized Meals

Eat many small meals instead of large meals. This will make sure that you have enough energy throughout the day. Many small meals will also help you to avoid the unhealthy snacks since your cravings for sugar and reduces.

Eat right 70% of the time

The Obama’s do eat burgers sometimes. If you eat right 70% of the time, you can allow yourself to enjoy unhealthy foods at occasions. The Obama’s children eat right most of the times and this is why they can allow themselves to enjoy cake or fast food on occasions such as birthdays etc.

Don’t talk about weight – Talk about the positive changes

Michelle Obama said something very wise during the interview on the Larry King Live show. She said that Obesity is not about weight and it is not about how you look. Obesity is about how you feel. Obesity is about how you feel about yourself.

It’s important that you approach this matter with love and optimism. Focus on the changes and the benefits that will follow. Focus on the increased energy level you will have and how your overall health will improve.

Simple and small changes

When the Obama family realized that they needed to change their eating habits, the first thing they did was discussing the new changes that needed to be done. Michelle and Barack Obama sat down and talked with their children. They explained how badly processed foods are for the body and talked about the changes that needed to be done. They implemented some simple and small changes in their daily lives with great success.

If you want to lead a healthier life style and fight Obesity, start by implementing one or two changes, then add more changes to your new healthier habits. For example: Focus on smaller portion sizes. Don’t make your kids eat up their food just to save money. Serve smaller portion sizes instead and eat healthy snacks between the meals. Turn off the TV and go for a walk instead. Eat prepared dinner with family on regular hours. Drink water instead of Coca Cola. Eat fruit instead of chocolate. Take the bike instead of your car etc.

Nutrition Rich School Food

Michelle Obama explained that 70% of children’s calorie intake comes from foods and beverages served in school. This means that, if we want to fight Obesity, we as a society must take a stand and make sure that our children’s school lunches are nutrition rich. We must make sure that the vending machines at schools are filled with nutrition rich snacks and beverages.

Access to Fresh Food

Michelle Obama focused on the importance of having access to supermarkets, grocery stores, farm markets etc in order to be able to buy fresh food products. Make sure that you have access to at least one supermarket in your neighborhood to ensure better food choices for yourself and your family. We can help each other as a society and influence so all people can have access to fresh food in order to fight Obesity.

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