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It’s never too late to change your lifestyle

By Senior Editor
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Is your lifestyle unhealthy? Do you eat a lot of snacks and often rest in the sofa in front of the TV? Do you weigh too much and/or smoke?

You can change today

At this point you might think that nothing can be done. Perhaps you even think that you are doomed to develop diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases or cancer. If you have led this kind of lifestyle all your life, you might even think that you were born this way and that it’s in your genes, and you will just have to accept it, but that is not is not the case.

You are not a victim of your genes

Research has shown that when we change our lifestyle our body has an enormous capacity to heal it self. It is possible to have a healthy body in spite of our previous lifestyle. For years we have been told that we are victims of our genes but that just isn’t true. Our body cells react on the signals that they get from its surroundings. It means that different food signals to different genes. For example if we eat junk food we signal the junk food genes and will want more of it, but if we eat fruits and vegetables we stimulate the genes that help with detoxification and repair.

Turn your life around

If you exercise moderately for 6 months you could counteract the damages that come with 30 years of aging. Turn your life around and avoid diseases like cancer, diabetes or cardiovascular diseases by changing the way you eat.

  • If you eat more vegetables, fruits and fibers, the risk of having diabetes will reduce almost right away.
  • If you eat breakfast everyday you will reduce the risk of being overweight as well as having diabetes (type 2) with 35-40%.
  • If you are a woman and eat unsaturated fats in rape- and olive oils you will reduce the risk of having breast cancer by 45%. (Research by the Swedish Institute: Karolinska Institutet in Sweden)
  • If you are a woman and eat as little as 250 g of fish every week you will half the risk of having a heart attack.
  • If you are a man and eat fish regularly, you will reduce the risk of having prostate cancer.
  • If you eat food rich in vitamin E, vitamin A, Beta-carotene (Research by: Harvard Nurses’ Health Study) and Omega-3 fatty acids (Research by: Italian studies) you will significantly reduce the risk of having cardiovascular diseases.
  • If you eat fruits, vegetables, fish and chicken you could avoid many types of cancer. (Research done on 50,000 Europeans)

Think that small changes in our diet can make big changes with our lives. If you need more guidelines you can always try to follow a guideline from some of the food pyramids.

What are you waiting for? Make the change today!

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