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How Optical Illusion Can Trick Your Appetite

By Mark Slansky
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How optical illusion can trick your apettite

Same amount of food on different plates!

In a world spilling over with fast food chains, super-sized options at every turn and commercials made to melt in your mind; maintaining a healthy diet is not only difficult, but may leave you feeling hungry before it’s even started. As our bodies have become accustomed to larger portions and greater sugar intake, it has become more difficult than ever to curb our appetites to fit healthy portions and calorie counts.

Instead of spending hours reading nutrition labels and trying every fad diet in the book, it might be worth your time to look into simple tricks that can help you lose weight. When incorporated into your kitchen and on your plate, optical illusion can trick your appetite into suppressing itself. These optical illusions are easy and efficient.

Play with plate size

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon to visit a restaurant and have a heaping plate delivered to the table. We’ve become alarmingly accustomed to double or triple the portion size our bodies require. A great optical illusion that can trick your appetite is to serve food on a smaller platter. This gives the impression of more food, while simultaneously maintaining a healthy portion size.

Bring in the blue

Color studies have shown that blue is the most unappetizing of colors when it comes to tricking an out-of-control appetite. This may be because blue is not found as a common or natural color for fruits and vegetable in nature. An optical illusion that can trick your appetite into melting away is by simply serving meals on blue table wear.

Be creative with the cups

As many as 500 calories a day are consumed in liquid form. Beverages are often harder to measure and appear to be less calorie-heavy than they actually are. Short and wide glassware tends to appear smaller and therefore, people often fill these cups to the top. This results in higher than expected caloric intake on a daily basis. Quench your thirst and maintain a healthy calorie count by serving beverages in tall glasses, skinny glasses. This optical illusion will trick your appetite and thirst into thinking the glass is half-full, when in fact, it’s nothing more than a healthy-sized serving.

Cook with color

Colors and apettite? Meals made up of dishes that are uniform in color tend to appear less visually diverse and therefore, less filling. Try cooking recommended portion sizes in a variety of vibrant colors. Reds, greens and yellows placed side by side give the appearance of increased quantity and may trick your mind into believing you are fuller, sooner.

Instead of suffering through diet shakes and sparse meals, give these simple optical illusions that can trick your appetite a try. You’ll feel full and satisfied as you watch the pounds fall away without sacrificing taste. Instead of investing in diet pills that may cause irritating or harmful side effects, simply change up your table wear and incorporate a little color into your kitchen. All it takes it a quick alteration to plate and glass size to see significant changes in your daily eating habits.

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