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Colorful food keeps you healthy

By Senior Editor
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In times of crisis it is important to control stress. It is also important to to have a healthy lifestyle and to eat nutrition rich food.

Include colors in your diet

By including as many colors in your diet as possible, you automatically create a healthy eating habit. The different colors in your food help with different health conditions in your body and mind.

Think of the Rainbow

By drawing attention to the color of your food, you can improve your overall health and create better eating habits. Make sure to include all the colors from the rainbow in your overall diet. Colors like white, yellow, orange, red, green, blue and purple make our diet healthy and also appetizing and fun. Let’s see what the different colors means for your health.

White Color

Cherimoya, pear, apple, onion and cauliflower are examples of food in the white spectrum, which lowers cholesterol levels and blood pressure and prevent diabetes and combat bacterial infections.

Yellow / Orange Color

Peach, orange, pineapple and pumpkin are yellow/orange in color. They help keeping your skin young and they can also have a positive influence on your mood.

Red Color

The red tomatoes, beets, raspberries and strawberries improve our cardiovascular health, helps memory and reduces the risk of cancer in the urinary system.

Green Color

The green color in avocado, kiwi, cucumbers and artichokes balances the hormonal system and relieve anxiety.

Blue / Violet Color

The blue and violet colors in blue berries, cherries, prunes and figs prevent aging, protect against heart disease and regulate blood pressure.

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