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Let's Move – First Lady Michelle Obama

By Helen Anderson
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On February 9, 2010, First Lady Michelle Obama announced a national wide campaign named Let’s Move. The announcement took place in The White House in Washington.

Solving Childhood Obesity

The Let’s Move campaign has a national goal to solve childhood obesity within a generation so that children born today will have a healthy weight when they reach adulthood.

Mobilizing Public and Private Sector Resources

To reach this goal the Let’s Move campaign will have effective strategies and will mobilize public and private sector resources. The Let’s Move campaign will provide communities, schools and families with tools to help children becoming more physically active with healthier eating habits.

Bancroft Elementary School in Washington

It all began on June 16, 2009 when Michelle Obama started a national conversation about healthy eating and nutrition of America’s children. The discussion took place at the White House Kitchen Garden with students form Bancroft Elementary School in Washington, DC. This conversation led to the Let’s Move campaign.


  • First Lady Michelle Obama in the White House Kitchen Garden discussing Health and Nutrition of the American kids:

  • Let’s Move – Kick-off:

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