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Montignac Diet

Montignac Diet – GI for Weight Loss

Michel Montignac was a pioneer when he 1980 proposed the use of GI for people wanting to lose weight.  Glycemic Index (GI) had, at that time, only been experienced in people with diabetes, and was never thought as a factor in weight management.

Montignac Diet – Overweight and High Blood Sugar Levels

montignac-dietOverweight is related to high blood sugar, according to the Montignac Diet. Michael Montignac has written successful books about weight loss and Glycemic Index (GI).

Michael Montignac’s books are filled with recipes on goose liver, chocolate, dessert cheese and champagne which may reveal the fact that Michael Montignac comes from France.

Montignac Diet – No focus on Calories

The recipes presented may surprise those who wish to lose weight, but in his books he explains that calories are not the key factor in gaining weight. Overweight is related to high blood sugar caused by certain types of foods, according to Montignac Diet.

Montignac Diet – Focus on Low GI Foods

You should eat products with a low GI, and you should rather eat fat than carbs (carbohydrates) to avoid blood sugar swings and hunger. According to the Montignac Diet, your focus should be on the GI and the blood sugar level. With this in mind you don’t have to be too much concerned with the amounts or energy intakes of your diet.

Montignac Diet – Poor in Nutrients

This diet means that you will have to seclude nutritional products like potatoes, bread, cornflakes and some porridge. Another thing to be aware of is that the Montignac Diet doesn’t pay attention to your calorie intake. Remember that your energy intake should be equal to the energy that is needed for work and exercise, if you want to keep a healthy body weight.