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Did you know this about weight loss?

By Senior Editor
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Did you know that….

….if you begin your day with a big breakfast it will reduce your overall calorie intake by 10 percent!

….if you have an intense workout before your meals it will suppress your appetite and reduces the food consumption by 10 percent!

….if you drink 0.13 gallon (0.5 l) of water before your meals you will cut your calorie intake by 25%!

….if you try to move around during the day, in spite having a desk job, you will burn 700 calories!

….if you are feeling stressed you will increase your calorie intake by 20 %!

….if you eat oranges instead of juices you will reduce your calorie intake by 50%!

….if you walk a mile (1.6 km) for 20 minutes rather than walking a mile for 12 minutes you will burn more calories!

….if you are playing a game of football you will be burning calories, and you will be continuing doing so even after the game since your metabolic rate will increase by 10 percent for approximately 48 hours after the exercise!

….if you chew sugar free gum throughout the day you will increase your metabolic rate by 20%!

….if you eat dinner one hour before your bedtime you will increase your weight up to 2.2 lb (1 kg) every month!

….if you have enthusiastic sex for 30 minutes you will burn 200 calories!

….if two people with different weight, perform the same activity, results will show that they will not be losing the same amount of calories because your weight affects your calorie consumption!

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