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Celebrities Tips on Weight Loss

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Ricki Lake’s Tips on Weight Loss

Ricki Lake is not a big fan of gyms. Instead she controls her weight by taking long walks and eating healthy food. Starving herself to keep the calories away is not an alternative for her anymore, because she used to pass out doing so.

She has learned that it’s better to have a routine with diet and exercise that will last. She should know after dropping 140 pounds (64 kg). She has been struggling with her weight for 20 years and at one time she weighed 260 pounds (118 kg). Today she weighs about 120 pounds (54 kg). By eating right and taking long walks, she is determined to keep her healthy figure.

Jessica Simpson’s Tips on Weight Loss

Jessica Simpson is also a believer of eating sensibly without starving. Jessica used to be on the Atkins diet but it messed her up mentally. Today she eats bread, Italian food, ice cream and cookies, but she eats in moderation, together with lots of salad.

She follows the 5 Factor Diet, a daily plan of five meals (whereas two are snacks), consisting of lean proteins, fiber, low glycemic carbs, healthy fats and sugar-free beverages. On the 5 Factor Diet you are allowed to eat pasta or dessert once a week.

Paris Hilton’s Tips on Weight Loss

Unlike Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton is not a believer in sugar free diet drinks. In fact she says that diet drinks is the not an option when trying to lose weight and she won’t drink them. Paris could be right since new research suggests that the artificial sweeteners you find in diet sodas may stimulate the appetite.

Paris Hilton has another health and weight loss tip to share.  She uses colon cleansing to stay healthy and in good shape. Colon cleansing gives you a great internal flush that takes out toxins, bad bacteria and leaves your tummy looking flat again. It is not uncommon to lose 10 pounds (4.5 kg) of unwanted waste after a colon cleanse, along with a few inches off your belly.

Ashley Olson’s Tips on Weight Loss

Ashley Olson eats a lot of fiber to stay healthy. Fiber gives you a more sustained feeling of fullness. Ashley says that fiber fills her up instead of filling her out.

Did you know that, according to studies, rural Africans who eat diets high in fiber, eliminate food waste in one-third the time it takes people from urban westernized cultures. It is believed that harmful substances are also swept out before they can cause problems. In fact, these rural people have fewer of the digestive tract diseases that plague Western man and it is thought that this may be related to the nature of their diet.

Oprah’s Tips on Weight Loss

Oprah also eats a lot of fibers as well and has spoken highly of the Swedish crisp bread, very rich in fibers. Oprah really loves the Swedish crisp bread from Wasa, the world’s largest producer of crisp bread.

Oprah is also a fan of green tea. Green tea can help you lose weight by increasing your metabolism. If you are able to switch from coffee to green tea you will still get the caffeine, but at the same time you will also get rid of those side-effects that you get from drinking coffee. Coffee has organic acids that raise your blood sugar and raise insulin that puts a lock on body fat. If you drink green tea instead of coffee you will drop your insulin levels and your body fat will also fall.

Anna Kournikova’s Tips on Weight Loss

Anna Kournikova, the hot tennis player, has also diet tips to share. She takes one apple or similar fruit 30 minutes before breakfast, lunch, and dinner with an eight ounce glass of water. The secret in this diet is once again fiber!

Apart from Swedish crisp bread, fiber is also delivered in fruits and veggies and it contains practically no calories and is fat free. When you eat fruits and veggies before any meal, it will fill your stomach within minutes. You will feel full and eat less, usually for hours.

Demi More’s Tips on Weight Loss

Demi Moore keeps a healthy slim body by starting from the inside. Demi Moore knows the importance of keeping her system cleaned by drinking a lot of liquid. Demi prefers drinking herb teas and vitamins. “Having teas between meals fills me up while the vitamins keep me going,” she says.

Just like Paris Hilton, Demi is also a big fan of Internal Cleanse. Demi prefers Enuvia, a dietary supplement blending colon-specific nutrients and herbs. The colon cleanser gently and effectively promotes a naturally, healthy working colon. The result is a profound gain in energy and metabolic rate.

Rhianna’s Tips on Weight Loss

If you can’t cut of the coffee, as suggested before, do as Rihanna does. She really likes her coffees but admits that calories can add up in her favorite beverage.  She used flavored creams such as French Vanilla but says that since switching from cream to milk it’s helped her to maintain the body she has worked so hard to get. Switching from cream to milk will save you 22 calories per tablespoon!


Sandra Bullock’s Tips on Weight Loss

Sandra Bullock efficiently uses the ancient Chinese technique of acupuncture as a form of weight loss. Acupuncture for weight loss enables management of stress. The calming and relaxing effect from acupuncture makes it easier to deal with stress, frustration and anxiety, that can trigger overeating and cravings for unhealthy foods. It can also help rebalance the metabolism and the will power.

Kelly Osborne’s Tips on Weight Loss

Kelly Osborne has lost a lot of weight, simply by throwing out her microwave. She said that since she got rid of her microwave, she’s been forced to eat fresh healthy foods rather than 3 minutes frozen dinners which can be high in carbs and fat. If you can’t get rid of your microwave, at least get rid of the frozen dinners.

Pamela Anderson’s Tips on Weight Loss

Pamela Anderson is 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm) and weighs 105 pounds (48 kg). She is 42 years old and still has a great body. What is her secret? Pamela Anderson follows a vegetarian diet. She is a very strict vegetarian who does not eat red meat, chicken, pork, fish or seafood.

Pamela became a vegetarian in her early teens, after walking into a shed in her backyard and seeing her father cut the head off a deer he had just hunted and killed. She has been a supporter of animal rights since high school. Pamela also has a few tricks to help her stay on her strict diet. She chews sugar-free gum while she’s cooking to stop her from eating the ingredients.

Jennifer Aniston’s Tips on Weight Loss

Jennifer Aniston looks greater now than ever before. She has the most perfect legs in Hollywood, according to a scientific study by Dr. Aric Sigman. Jennifer tones her legs by jogging on the spot in her swimming pool. This water workout uses 165 calories in just 15 minutes!

If you don’t have legs like Jennifer Aniston, don’t worry. According to the same study most men preferred women to have more shapely legs like those curvy legs of Beyonce Knowles. This adds to the argument that women are too hard on themselves and those very skinny legs on supermodels are not the ideal shape for sexy legs.

Sarah Jessica Parker’s Tips on Weight Loss

Sarah Jessica Parker is staying fit by taking daily walks. Unlike many New Yorkers she walks instead of taking cabs.  The combination of a healthy diet and making her long walks a daily routine; she doesn’t need to watch her figure. She says: “I walk everywhere instead of taking a cab. I don’t have a fitness routine and I don’t work on my figure at all, but I do try to sneak some exercise into my life any way I can.”

To prevent herself from taking an unhealthy snack when she is out on her walks, she never leaves the house on an empty stomach. Half an hour before she goes out she grabs an apple or some other fruit so she won’t be tempted when she passes all the hot dog stands. Instead she already feels satisfied from the snack she had before she left home. It takes about a half an hour for your brain to register that your body is full, which is why she chooses to eat a half an hour before she leaves home.

If you want to stay in shape like Sarah Jessica Parker, you could take it one step further and adopt the Nordic walking and burn even more calories. This means that as you walk you move your arms along with the walking motion. This way you can burn up to 50 percent more calories and at the same time we use and train muscle groups in our upper body. In order to remind our brain to move the arms when we walk, we can use trekking poles. These poles will constantly remind us and our brain that we should move our arms. Nordic walking has become very popular over the last few years, and with good reason. Using trekking poles whenever you walk will help you burn more calories and work more muscle groups than regular walking.

Madonna’s Tips on Weight Loss

Madonna is 51 years old and still in excellent shape. In fact, she is in better shape than ever. Madonna has adopted a strict routine of Ashtanga Yoga, which keeps her in shape from head to toe. She barely touches junk food. She follows the Macrobiotic diet, based on old practice listening to your inner compass when you eat. This is a contemporary guide to healthful living. It is based on a diet filled with whole grains, beans, vegetables, and some meat and fish.

Macrobiotic Diet – Quick Guide:

  • Introduce Whole Grains (daily if possible)
  • Use plant-based proteins over animal-based proteins
  • Indulge in natural sweeteners (rice syrup, barley malt, maple syrup)
  • Re-think dairy food
  • Be patient with yourself
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