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Ways to Deal with Depression without Drugs

By Senior Editor
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Depression is becoming more and more common in our society. To date, researchers estimate that approximately 25 percent of women and 12 percent of men suffer from depression in the United States alone. Ways of dealing or beating depression can be extremely overwhelming. Often time’s people don’t even realize that they are depressed as depression can be mistaken for just being sad or having another bad day. It is essential to lock in on the things that make you feel better. Here are some ways towards beating depression without the use of drugs.

Manage Stress

It is very important that you learn to manage your stress appropriately for beating depression. Our society tends to promote stressful living on a day to day basis. Learn what causes you to become stressed out and doing your best to avoid these things at all costs is the holy grail of ways to deal with depression.

Always have an Emergency/Crisis Plan

You should always have a plan in place in case of a crisis. This could include a support group, crisis/suicide hotline numbers, family and friends that you can call and your physician.

Support Group

If you don’t already have one, find a support group as soon as possible. You need to know there is some place you can go to talk to people who understand how you are feeling and are experienced in ways to deal with depression.

Get Some Sunlight!!

Many noted physicians suggest sunlight increases the body’s serotonin level, which is known to make us happy. Doctor’s recommend at least 15 minutes of sunlight per day and if it is a cloudy day, at least an hour outside. If you are in a low light area and are experiencing increased symptoms, you should consider buying a light box. The sunlight is a great way to at least begin to learn ways to deal with depression.

Find the Cause

If possible, try to identify the cause of your depression because if you know what is causing it you will understand better ways to deal with depression.


Read, read and read some more. Visit your local library or peruse the Internet and look for books and information on beating depression, happiness, anxiety and self- help. Find out as much information as you can. Remember…Knowledge is Power and the more you know, the better ways to deal with depression you will find.

Keep a Journal

Keep track of your feelings in a journal, this way you may be able to go back and see if there is a pattern around certain days, events, or circumstances and determine what situations are going on in your life when you feel depressed.


In a recent study, exercise was shown to be just as effective as Zoloft, a major drug used to treat depression. The study also showed that exercise releases a natural anti-depressant chemical in your brain that remediate feelings of depression.

Have Fun Moments

Make it a point to have a fun moment every day, because one of the things that depression can do is take the “fun” out of life. Think of something that you feel would be fun and just do it. Beating depression should not be a task but new activities leading to a richer and depression free life.


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