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How To Beat Anxiety with Acupuncture

By Mark Slansky
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Acupuncture, also known as needle puncture is defined as a Chinese medical procedure or practice used to treat illness, or the application of local anesthesia by inserting needles at specific areas of the body. It is a holistic medicine whose roots began in China some 5000 years ago. Their knowledge in how to beat anxiety and other diseases has been age old. It is often accompanied by herbology, diet, energy-cultivation exercises and life-style counseling.

The experience of having acupuncture for anxiety should be a pleasant, relaxing and energizing experience for the person who is undergoing the treatment. The person who is having the treatment will be made comfortable and will also be draped appropriately so that being exposed is not a concern. Acupuncture was believed to treat disease, pain, and infertility. In more recent times, acupuncture has proven to go far beyond the treatment of specific health issues. Nowadays, it is often used as treatment for an array of conditions and to promote good health overall.

Acupuncture for anxiety is indeed a powerful treatment. The treatment has been said to address body, mind, emotions and spirit. Tiny needles which are hair thin, sterile and usually painless are used in acupuncture. There may be some soreness or a pulling sensation during treatment which means that the technique is working. Knowing how to beat anxiety with acupuncture without side effects immediately makes it attractive. Moreover a good treatment feels like being in “the zone” or a deep meditation as your body moves back into balance.

A very popular method of acupuncture for anxiety is ear acupuncture which is also referred to as Auricular acupuncture (which means the outside area of the ears), is a popular acupuncture technique that is applied to balance the brain neurotransmitters which, if done correctly, will create a sense of ease. This new form of how to beat anxiety with acupuncture is safe and usually painless because it is less complex than Chinese medical acupuncture. The entire session can take between 45 to 90 minutes and patients are often sent home with magnets placed in key auricular points to ensure somewhat of an extended release of treatment once the actual treatment has commenced. Since this method is not as intense as the more popular, Chinese medical acupuncture, a comprehensive philosophy of medicine isn’t necessary.

You may get a lot of negative responses when you mention acupuncture for anxiety as your treatment of choice. This is usually a result of people not being aware of the different techniques that are available for the treatment of anxiety. Acupuncture for anxiety is becoming more and more accepted as individuals become more educated on the way in which acupuncture works and how to beat anxiety by having it.

Although this particular method is not yet covered by insurance, practitioners are devising different ways to make the treatment more affordable. By doing so, those who choose acupuncture as an answer to how to beat anxiety will make it a part of their anxiety treatment plan and will be able to benefit from the treatment without having to worry about payment.

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