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Find the Best Foundation for Oily Skin

By Sabina Rose
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Finding the best foundation for oily skin can be a real challenge, as there are so many on the market. We all have different skin types, tones and textures, so naturally there will be lots of variations to choose from when shopping for the right foundation. There are foundations for normal, dry and oily skin and choosing the one that is best foundation for oily skin tends to be the trickiest.

One of the most common complaints that women generally have is that after a couple of hours, they end up with an oily face. Everything from the brand of foundation to the way in which it is applied to the face is an important factor when choosing a foundation. What may look good on one person who has oily skin may look totally different on another person so be sure to focus on your own particular needs when shopping for the best foundation for oily skin.

Here are some helpful hints to finding the best foundation for oily skin:

  • Full-coverage matte foundations tend to respond best to oily face skin tones because they are longer lasting in comparison to foundations with light to medium coverage.
  • Choose a shade lighter than your actual skin color to achieve a natural finish. When the skin is oily, it is always better to go with a lighter shade since the oils in your skin will make the foundation darker as time passes.

Some helpful ingredients to look for in foundations if you have oily skin are:

  • Titanium dioxide naturally protects skin from the sun.
  • Serecite will help to absorb excess oils from the skin and it decreases the appearance of large pores in the skin.
  • Kaolin clay is an excellent ingredient in foundations to help with oil control.
  • Zinc oxide in foundation acts to lessen any inflammation that may be present.

Here are a few ingredients that should be avoided when shopping for the best foundation for oily skin:

  • Petroleum based oils is like adding oil to oil and as such is not good for naturally oily skin. Thus applying it on oily face skin is a no-no.
  • Oxychloride, Bismuth and Dimenthicone all contain pore-clogging ingredients and are found in powder based foundations for oily face skin.
  • Alcohol in foundations tends to make the skin oilier.

When applying foundation to oily skin, remember:

  • Foundations for oily skin should not be applied using your fingertips, as there are lots of oils in your fingers that can end up on your face.
  • Apply foundation with a good make-up sponge or wedge which will ensure even coverage.
  • Apply foundation lightly so you don’t end up with the skin appearing blotchy. Individuals with oily face skin will notice a caked like finish if the foundation is applied too heavily.

As you can see, there are lots of do’s and don’ts when you are choosing a foundation that will react well to an oily face, so be sure to have your ingredients check list when you shop.

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