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11 Tips On How To Remove Dandruff Naturally
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11 Tips On How To Remove Dandruff Naturally

By Mark Slansky
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Having dandruff can be problematic. Although not painful, in and of itself, having dandruff can be embarrassing, determine the clothes you wear, and make one self-conscious. Many who suffer with dandruff want to know every way of how to remove dandruff. If you are looking to remove dandruff in a natural way, you might find this article very useful.

11 ways on how to remove dandruff naturally

  1. how to remove dandruff naturallyWash your hair daily –  It’s important to wash you hair on a daily basis if you are suffering with dandruff. The manner in which you wash your hair greatly impacts how fast getting rid of dandruff is possible. Consider lightly scratching the scalp before washing your hair to lift the flakes for easier removal. Scrub the scalp vigorously; not to the point of pain or discomfort.
  2. Vinegar – Rinse with White or Apple Cider Vinegar. Just add ¼ cup of vinegar to 1qt of warm water and rinse you hair. Unfortunately your hair will smell like vinegar until your next wash. However, one way to diminish the vinegary smell, wash your hair with the vinegar solution at night, and wash your hair in the morning without the vinegar solution.
  3. Mouthwash – Try mouthwash as a leave in. This is a good way of removing dandruff. Mix water and mouthwash in equal parts and massage gently into your scalp and style as usual.
  4. Baby Oil – Apply baby oil directly to your scalp as a great moisturizer. Pour generously and massage the oil so as to absorb. Different Oils are used globally as an answer to how to remove dandruff.
  5. Tea Tree Oil – Add some tea tree oil to your regular shampoo to help with getting rid of dandruff. Mix 3 drops to your shampoo and wash regularly.
  6. Vitamin C – Add more Vitamin C to your diet or try a Vitamin C supplement. This well act as a revitalizer for your hair, skin and overall well-being. Citrus fruits high in it help to remove dandruff.
  7. Beer – Rinse your hair with a few ounces of your favorite beer daily to help revitalize your scalp.
  8. Beets – Boiled beets may not be your favorite things to eat but they will work wonders in helping to get rid of dandruff. Just boil several beets in a pot of water until the water turns a shade of dark purple, massage the beet juice into your scalp and let sit for an hour. Be sure to wear gloves and wipe away any of the juice from your skin as beet juice can stain. Rinse and style your hair as usual.
  9. Aspirin – Crush 5 aspirin until they are a fine powder and mix with ¼ cup virgin olive oil. Massage this mixture into your hair and scalp while it is still dry and let it sit for 10 minutes. Rinse hair with cool water and shampoo and condition as usual. You should notice a major difference after doing this for 7 -10 days. This modern answer to how to remove dandruff has shown its benefits to many.
  10. Lemon – Cut a lemon in half and rub onto the scalp. Let dry and then wash and condition as usual. The dry lemon will lift the dandruff prior to washing.
  11. Salt – Massaging the scalp with salt prior to shampooing for a few weeks will aid to remove dandruff.

Most of the suggestions are inexpensive answers to how to remove dandruff. According to many health experts, being stressed can trigger or worsen dandruff, so reducing your stress level can help in the proccess to remove dandruff.

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